Thursday, December 20, 2012

My Very First Rag Quilt

Here is my very first rag quilt.  I had a lot more pictures to post but of course I can't find them now.  This quilt I made for a little girls first birthday.  This gorgeous girls name starts with the letter A so I incorporated an A into the back of the quilt.  This was more by accident since I ran out of pink flannel and had the owl flannel already.  I was told she loved owls and pink!

I love the look of scrap quilts that really have no reason to them.  I went through my own fabric, got some free scraps from friends and also hit the remnant bin to find all the fabric for this quilt. 

I had looked around the lovely internet for some tutorials and got the general idea.  I decided for me flannel was best used for my batting.  This quilt is made of 80 - 6" squares.  Once they are sewn the finish square size was 5". 

To begin I cut a 6" square out of the front, batting (flannel) and backing.  I cut enough until I had all 80 squares cut.  I then put them all together with right sides facing out and sewed an X through each square.  Once that was all complete I laid it out to make sure I didn't have any of the same squares right next to each other.  Then all squares are sewn in a row, right sides together, so that there is a visible 1/2" seam.  After all your rows are together, start sewing your rows together.  Again you should have 1/2' seam.  This is what it looks likes after all of your squares are sewn together!

Here is the back with the "A"!
Now the fun part... Clip it!  I highly recommend getting spring loaded scissors for this part.  I did not for this quilt and got a little carried away with my clipping and clipped a couple seams.  This wasn't too much of an issue I just needed to resew the seam.
And here she is!!!!!

 Now I'm hooked!

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