Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scrabble Rag Quilt

This will be my most favorite quilt for a very long time. Some close friends got married in October. I normally hate getting stuff for friends off their registries so I began to think of what I could do that was special for them. I started thinking about their life together and remembered he proposed on a scrabble board and my mind was set!

Off to the store I went!  I took the scrabble board with me and as you can see I picked up more of my beloved remnants!

Man this was a process!

Some of the letters!

Getting ready to sew the rows!

Starting to come together!

Ready to clip!

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My Very First Rag Quilt

Here is my very first rag quilt.  I had a lot more pictures to post but of course I can't find them now.  This quilt I made for a little girls first birthday.  This gorgeous girls name starts with the letter A so I incorporated an A into the back of the quilt.  This was more by accident since I ran out of pink flannel and had the owl flannel already.  I was told she loved owls and pink!

I love the look of scrap quilts that really have no reason to them.  I went through my own fabric, got some free scraps from friends and also hit the remnant bin to find all the fabric for this quilt. 

I had looked around the lovely internet for some tutorials and got the general idea.  I decided for me flannel was best used for my batting.  This quilt is made of 80 - 6" squares.  Once they are sewn the finish square size was 5". 

To begin I cut a 6" square out of the front, batting (flannel) and backing.  I cut enough until I had all 80 squares cut.  I then put them all together with right sides facing out and sewed an X through each square.  Once that was all complete I laid it out to make sure I didn't have any of the same squares right next to each other.  Then all squares are sewn in a row, right sides together, so that there is a visible 1/2" seam.  After all your rows are together, start sewing your rows together.  Again you should have 1/2' seam.  This is what it looks likes after all of your squares are sewn together!

Here is the back with the "A"!
Now the fun part... Clip it!  I highly recommend getting spring loaded scissors for this part.  I did not for this quilt and got a little carried away with my clipping and clipped a couple seams.  This wasn't too much of an issue I just needed to resew the seam.
And here she is!!!!!

 Now I'm hooked!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

And so it begins...

I am starting this as a way to keep track of all my craft projects.  I have found a new love for sewing and want a way to remember what I have done and also how far I've come. 

My mother gave me her sewing machine to use several years ago.  It sat in the basement just waiting to be used for years.  Finally when I was pregnant I got it out and started making some items for my little love.  I made him bibs, swaddles, burp rags, diaper covers and I even made my self some nursing pads before he was born. But I never once thought to make him a blanket.  As I am typing this now he is 13 months old and I am just getting ready to make him his first quilt. 

About 6 months ago I fell in love with rag quilts.  I am in a Mom's group of women who all had little ones due in September of 2011.  We decided in May to do a birthday gift exchange.  My draw was a sweet sweet little girl.  I wanted to make her something special so I set out to make my first rag quilt. 

Since then I have made 4 quilts and Ollie's will be my 5th.  I have material waiting to make 5 more quilts!  Most are going to be Christmas presents.  I am hoping to make several of my gifts this year!! 

Once I get all my pictures rounded up from my first quilt I will start posting! :)