Thursday, February 21, 2013

Best Friend Quilt

I have been a terrible friend.  My best friend and I always exchange gifts on birthdays and at Christmas.  Ever since my son was born she has showered him with gifts as well.  She is seriously one of the best people I have ever known and there are not many people I have known longer than her.  Since I have skimped on the last couple gifts I decided it was time to make her a quilt.  She has been having some rough times lately, just losing her grandfather and her mother dealing with cancer.  So I wanted to give her something big, soft and comfy to cuddle under. 
One thing I know about her for sure is she's a blanket girl! She also loves the color brown.  Since scrappy quilts are my favorite I set out with that in mind.  I shopped all of the local fabric stores trying to find as many brown fabrics as I could.  The pattern I wanted to use needed 84 rectangles so I decided I wanted 42 different fabrics.  It took a while but finally last Friday I was able to come up with the last few I needed to make 42 plus the inner fabric and the backing. 
When you look at the 42 fabrics together they look a little odd.
But they looked a little better once I laid them out and could see them all together.

I decided on a brown and white swirl flannel for the middle and a lovely soft tan flannel for the backing.  I began to piece it all together until it was one big quilt.
It took me the weekend together everything cut and sewn together.  It took me a couple more hours to get everything clipped.  But I am very very happy with the final result!  Love this quilt.  I can't wait until I give it to her and hope she loves it too!!