Sunday, November 11, 2012

And so it begins...

I am starting this as a way to keep track of all my craft projects.  I have found a new love for sewing and want a way to remember what I have done and also how far I've come. 

My mother gave me her sewing machine to use several years ago.  It sat in the basement just waiting to be used for years.  Finally when I was pregnant I got it out and started making some items for my little love.  I made him bibs, swaddles, burp rags, diaper covers and I even made my self some nursing pads before he was born. But I never once thought to make him a blanket.  As I am typing this now he is 13 months old and I am just getting ready to make him his first quilt. 

About 6 months ago I fell in love with rag quilts.  I am in a Mom's group of women who all had little ones due in September of 2011.  We decided in May to do a birthday gift exchange.  My draw was a sweet sweet little girl.  I wanted to make her something special so I set out to make my first rag quilt. 

Since then I have made 4 quilts and Ollie's will be my 5th.  I have material waiting to make 5 more quilts!  Most are going to be Christmas presents.  I am hoping to make several of my gifts this year!! 

Once I get all my pictures rounded up from my first quilt I will start posting! :)