Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scrabble Rag Quilt

This will be my most favorite quilt for a very long time. Some close friends got married in October. I normally hate getting stuff for friends off their registries so I began to think of what I could do that was special for them. I started thinking about their life together and remembered he proposed on a scrabble board and my mind was set!

Off to the store I went!  I took the scrabble board with me and as you can see I picked up more of my beloved remnants!

Man this was a process!

Some of the letters!

Getting ready to sew the rows!

Starting to come together!

Ready to clip!

Visit my Etsy store to purchase one for yourself or someone you love!



  1. OMG! That is the coolest rag quilt I've ever seen!!!!

  2. I love this so much...going on the to do list. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Would you mind if I made one and I put it in my etsy store but I give you all the credit?

    1. Hey Zeedle! I am so happy and flattered you like the quilt so much. At the moment I would have to ask that you please don't put it up for sale on Etsy as I am planning on doing the same soon. Thank you so much for asking ahead of time!

  4. How did you get the letters on the fabric? Sharpie?

  5. How did you put the letters on the quilt?

  6. I was also wondering about the letters.

  7. Love it! I know you probably have family, friends & neighbors lining up with their request. I would love to be your first stranger from Ohio to purchase one. Please contact me if/when you are taking orders.
    :) Stephanie

  8. I absolutely LOVE your Scrabble quilt! Can you please share what size blocks you did and how you did the letters? Please and Thank you!

    1. I'm so glad you like it! I used 6" blocks and fabric paint to paint the letters on. It was hard but so worth it!

    2. Ashley, do you use a stencil or just free-hand it? They look SO good. You are so creative!

  9. I love it! So original and heartfelt. I'm sure they love it!!!

  10. This is my new go to gift for weddings! I love it.

    Plus I play scrabble all the time so I can't believe I had the idea in front of me the whole time and missed it!

    Cherie Lee

  11. That is just so cool. Lucky friends. Great job

  12. I HAVE to make one for my husband! All we did our first summer together was play we do it on our phones. :) Thanks so much for sharing your awesome quilt!!

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  14. Loved your Scrabble board rag quilt so much that I had to make one for my niece for her wedding. I painted my letters with fabric paint, I think if i make another one I will try the fabric markers. It was a lot of work but I really enjoyed making it. Thanks for the cool idea.

  15. I love on what you have done to your rug, the scrabble board really looks fantastic..i love to try it..

    cheat on scrabble

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  17. What type of fabric did you use? Flannel?

  18. Are you still selling these quilts

  19. I'm taking a mini break as I'm due with my second baby soon! Once he's here and we've settled in I am going to put them back in my shop.

  20. Hi Ashley
    Can I purchase the pattern directions from you?

  21. Hi Ashley,
    are you still making these quilts?

  22. I would love to purchase a pattern as well :)

  23. Where can I get some of the scrabble letter patches?

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